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St. Publia the Confessor and Deaconess of Antioch


Commemorated on October 9

The holy Martyr Publia the Confessor became a widow at a young age and devoted the majority of her life to raising her son John in the Christian Faith. John became a presbyter, and Publia, for her prudent and ascetic life, was found worthy of becoming a deaconess. She guided widows and young women who wished to devote themselves to the service of God, and she organized a monastery in her home. During the persecution of Christians under Emperor Julian the Apostate (361-363), St Publia and the sisters publicly denounced him. When the emperor made his way to Publia’s house, the sisters loudly sang Psalms 113 and 114 denouncing the worship of idols. The emperor’s soldiers fiercely beat the venerable abbess, but she endured the tortures with patience and humility.

St. Publia died shortly thereafter, falling asleep in the Lord.

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