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St. Domnina with her daughters

Commemorated on October 4

St. Domnina was a woman with two daughters named Verine (St. John Chrysostom called her Vernike, or Berenice) and Prosdoce. Leaving their home and family, they settled in Edessa on the plain of Mesopotamia.

St. Domnina’s husband was a pagan and took the women to Hieropolis in Syria. When the soldiers stopped to rest and eat, they became drunk with wine. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the women fled and were drowned in a nearby river.

According to St. John Chrysostom, Domnina stood in the middle of the river and pulled her daughters under the water with her because she was afraid that the soldiers were going to rape them. St. John praised Domnina for her courage, and Berenice and Prosdoce for their obedience.

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