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St. Syncletica with her two daughters


Commemorated on October 24

The Martyr Syncletica and her two daughters suffered under the Arabian king Dunaan. St. Syncletica was a descendant of an illustrious family. Left widowed while still young, she devoted herself to the Christian upbringing of her daughters, and she herself led a virtuous and chaste life.

King Dunaan began to persecute the Christians, intended to eliminate them. He summoned St. Syncletica and her daughters before him, and in urging her to forsake her “folly,” promised to take her into the household of his wife. But Syncletica replied, “How can you not be afraid, O King, to speak evil of Him Who has given you both royal crown and life?”

Dunaan gave orders to lead St. Syncletica and her daughters through the city as though they were criminals. Looking at the disgrace of the saint, women started crying, but she told them that this “shame” for her was dearer than any earthly honor.

She was again brought before Dunaan who said, “If you wish to remain alive, you must renounce Christ.” “If I do, then who will deliver me from eternal death?,” she asked. In a rage, King Dunaan ordered that St. Syncletica’s daughters be killed first, and then for St. Syncletica to be beheaded with a sword.

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