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St. Matrona of Chios


Commemorated on October 20 (and July 15)

Saint Matrona was born in the village of Volissos on Chios of wealthy and pious parents sometime in the fourteenth century. From her youth, she showed an interest in monasticism. She left her parents and went to live in an unpopulated area, where she founded a small monastery for women. Soon other nuns joined her in her ascetical struggles.

St. Matrona worked many miracles both during her life and after her death, and was revered throughout Chios for her virtuous life and holiness. She showed charity to the poor, and was able to heal the sick.

The service to St. Matrona was composed by Metropolitan Niketas of Rhodes. It was found in a book from 1455, which indicated that she died sometime before this date.

St. Matrona is also commemorated on July 15.

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