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St. Cleopatra with her son, John


Commemorated on October 19

St. Cleopatra and her son John came from the village of Edra near Mount Tabor in Palestine. She was a contemporary of the holy Martyr Varus and witnessed his voluntary suffering. After his execution, St. Cleopatra brought the body of the holy martyr to Palestine and buried him with reverence. Previously, Cleopatra’s son, John, had attained the honorable rank of officer. To the great sorrow of his mother, John suddenly died. With tears of grief, St. Cleopatra turned to the relics of the holy Martyr Varus, begging him for the return of her son.

Varus and John appeared to Cleopatra in a dream, radiant in bright attire with crowns upon their heads. She realized that the Lord had received her son into the heavenly Kingdom. After this vision, Cleopatra lived near the church that she had built over the relics of the holy martyr Varus and her son John and performed many good deeds. She distributed her property to the poor and spent her time in prayer and fasting. Seven years after her son’s death, she fell asleep in the Lord.

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