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Icon of the Mother of God of the Sign (the Abalaka)


Commemorated on November 27 (also on July 20)

The Abalaka Icon of the Mother of God “Of the Sign” was written by Matthew, a protodeacon of the Tobolsk Cathedral, in honor of Sophia (the Wisdom of God), in fulfillment of a vow by a paralytic peasant Euthymius to rebuild the church at the Abalaka Monastery of the Mother of God “of the Sign.” This church was built in 1637 after the Mother of God, accompanied by St. Nicholas and St. Mary of Egypt, appeared to the pious widow Maria. After the temple’s Icon “of the Sign” was written, the paralytic Euthymius was completely healed. Many healings took place during the solemn transfer of the icon to the Abalaka church.

In general appearance, the Abalaka Icon resembles the Novgorod Icon of the Sign, but with this distinction: on the Abalaka Icon, St. Nicholas and St. Mary of Egypt stand before the Most Holy Theotokos. St. Basil is also depicted. Many wonderworking copies of the Abalaka Icon are venerated throughout Siberia.

The Abalaka Icon “Of the Sign” is also commemorated on July 20.

By permission of the Orthodox Church in America (

Icon not identical to actual original