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Ideas for Celebrating Sanctity of Life Sunday

Here is a brief list of ideas that SOYOs can do to celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday in January. These are some examples of what other SOYOs have done in the past:

  • Have a discussion about the issues of the Sanctity of Life.
    • Example: Read a few things about what the Church believes about abortion and then discuss it and talk about why we think it's wrong and how to defend it if we are confronted with these issues.
  • Attend a Pro-Life rally and take icons of the Theotokos holding the baby Jesus
  • Attend the March for Life in Washington, D.C.
  • Put a leaflet in the Sunday bulletin telling about what Sacred Gift of Life Sunday is and the history of it.
  • Have a retreat with a priest or other adult in the church to have discussions about abortion, stem cell research, etc.
    • In those discussions, do not only talk about the fact that it is wrong, but educate the teens on what these things are and WHY the Church says what it does.
  • Talk about how to confront people about these issues in everyday life and how to respond if confronted.
  • Have a lesson plan on teaching the view on abortion for a Bible study class or Sunday school lesson.
  • Ask parish Priests to give a sermon that Sunday.
  • Have some teens or a teen give the sermon that Sunday about the issues.

Download and print the
Sacred Gift of Life Bulletin Insert 2008 (PDF)