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St. Myrope at Chios


Commemorated on December 2

The Holy Martyr Myrope was born in the city of Ephesus at the beginning of the third century. She lost her father at an early age, and her mother raised her in the Christian Faith. St. Myrope frequently visited the grave of the Martyr Hermione, daughter of the holy Apostle Philip, taking myrrh from her relics, and healing the sick with it. Myrope went with her mother to the island of Chios during the persecutions by Emperior Decius (249-251) where they spent their time in fasting and prayer.

Earlier, a soldier, Isidore, a man of deep faith and great piety, was martyred. Upon her visit to Chios, St. Myrope secretly removed the body of the martyr and buried it. The soldiers, who had been ordered not to allow the Christians to take Isidore’s body, were sentenced to death. St. Myrope took pity on these condemned men, and told the soldiers and governor what she had done.

She was arrested, and at her trial, she confessed herself a Christian. For this, she was beaten and then thrown in prison. At midnight, while she was praying, a light shone in the prison. St. Isidore appeared before her, surrounded by angels, and St. Myrope thereafter surrendered her soul to God. The prison was immediately filled with a sweet fragrance. The pagan guard, trembling at the vision, told a priest what had happened. Later, this same pagan guard accepted Baptism and a martyr’s death for his confession of Christ.

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