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New Orthodox Publisher Launched: Anaphora Press seeks to serve the Orthodox Community

header Anaphora Press now open for business. Responding to the growing needs of American Orthodox Christians, Anaphora Press seeks to provide an array of materials to enrich both personal lives and liturgical experience.

Port Townsend, WA Feb. 5, 2008 – New Orthodox publishing company, Anaphora Press, opens its doors and releases its first two products: liturgical chant CD “Cherubika” and poetry collection Mysteries of Silence. The website goes live, offering a hub of information for Orthodox singers, artists and writers across several genres of creative and liturgical arts.

While theological, hagiographical and biographical works are currently well-represented in English by several established Orthodox publishers, Anaphora Press focuses on the under-represented genres of creative fiction and poetry with a particularly Orthodox ethos. Its first publication, a book of poetry by Reader Christopher Lewis entitled Mysteries of Silence is now available.

Similarly, it seeks to publish curricular materials designed with Orthodox children in mind. Complementing these materials, the website also provides links, reviews, and resource materials for parents, homeschoolers, and educators.

Anaphora Press offers uniformly typeset liturgical music in English and Western notation. It specializes in znamenny and podoben or “special melodies” as well as basic needs for Divine Liturgy, Vespers, Matins and major feast days. With the struggling mission parish in mind, it endeavors to provide the most-needed basics as free pdf downloads for choir directors and chanters, in arrangements suitable for small ensembles.

The new Orthodox chant ensemble “Cherubika” is produced by Anaphora Press. Its debut album of the same name contains 11 versions of the Cherubic Hymn and a supporting essay by Dr. Dimitri Conomos “Arguably the best liturgical CD released this year,” says

The website also offers a hub on the art and practice of iconography, as well as links and resource materials for singers, choir directors and iconographers.

For additional information on Anaphora Press or to receive promotional materials, contact Macrina Lewis or visit

About Anaphora Press: Orthodox Books, Liturgical CDs, Choir Music, Curriculum, and Icons, a hub for information on Orthodox liturgical and creative arts.

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