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Icon of the Mother of God "Xenophon Hodigitria"

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Commemorated on January 21

According to tradition, this wonderworking icon was for many years at the Vatopedi Monastery on Mt. Athos, in the katholikon in front of a column on the left cliros.

In 1730, it mysteriously disappeared not only from the church, but also from the monastery. Since the doors were locked, the monks assumed that thieves had stolen it. Soon they heard that the icon was at the Xenophon Monastery, a three hour journey from Vatopedi.

Several monks were sent to return their spiritual treasure to the Vatopedi Monastery. The icon was restored to its former place, and the Fathers of the monastery took precautions to prevent the icon from being stolen again. However, the icon of the Mother of God left the Vatopedi Monastery and appeared at Xenophon a second and third time. Persuaded that this was actually a miraculous occurrence, the brethren of the monastery decided not to oppose the will of the Mother of God, and left the icon at Xenophon. As a sign of their blessing, the brethren provided candles and oil for the icon.

The “Hodigitria” Icon at Xenophon is in the katholikon, before a column on the left cliros, the very same place it occupied at the Vatopedi Monastery.

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