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St. Theodota in Egypt


Commemorated on January 31

St. Theodota was the thirteen-year-old daughter of St. Athanasia. She and her two sisters were arrested with their mother because they were Christians. St. Theoctiste was fifteen, and St. Eudoxia was eleven. Sts. Cyrus and John hastened to the prison to help them, for they were concerned that the women might renounce Christ when faced with torture.

Sts. Cyrus and John gave them courage to endure what lay before them. Learning of this, the ruler of the city arrested Sts. Cyrus and John, and seeing their steadfast and fearless confession of faith in Christ, he brought Athanasia and her daughters to witness their torture. The tyrant did not refrain from any form of torture against the holy martyrs. The women were not frightened by the sufferings of Sts. Cyrus and John, but courageously continued to confess Christ. They were flogged and then beheaded, receiving their crowns of martyrdom.

Troparion (Tone 4) –

Your holy martyr Theodota, O Lord,

Through her sufferings has received an incorruptible crown from You, our God.

For having Your strength, she laid low her adversaries,

And shattered the powerless boldness of demons.

Through her intercessions, save our souls!

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