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St. Agatha of Belo-Russia


Commemorated on February 5

Eldress Agatha of Belo-Russia was an ascetic nun who received a vision from the Mother of God in her youth.

In the early 1930s, she directed Christians in Russia to avoid the Soviet church. She said, “This is not a true church. It has signed a contract to serve the antichrist. Do not go to it. Do not receive any Mysteries from its servants. Do not participate in prayer with them. There will come a time when churches will be opened in Russia, and the true Orthodox faith will triumph. Then people will become baptized, as at one time they were baptized under St. Vladimir. When the churches are opened for the first time, do not go to them because these will not be true churches; but when they are opened the second time, then go – these will be the true churches…. The atheist Soviet authority will vanish, and all its servants will perish.”

By permission of Ultimate Things, an Orthodox Christian Perspective on the End Times