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St. Euboula, the Mother of St. Panteleimon


Commemorated on March 30

St. Euboula was the mother of the Great Martyr St. Panteleimon. She gave birth to Panteleimon in 284 in the city of Nicodemia (currently called Izmit, in northern Turkey near the Black Sea).

St. Euboula was a devout Christian who raised her son in the Christian way of life.

She passed away around 303 while Panteleimon was still young.

After her death, his father sent Panteleimon to a pagan school where the young man studied medicine.

Troparion (Tone 5) –

Let us fittingly praise with joyful hymns,

Holy Eubula, mother of our protector, Panteleimon.

She has given birth to our defender and healer,

The glory of martyrs and unmercinary physicians

And the swift healer of all.

Kontakion (Tone 3) –

Let us assemble today and joyfully celebrate

The mother of our protector, holy Eubula.

She stands before the throne of God with him,

Interceding unceasingly for us,

That we may be granted forgiveness of our sins!

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