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Creative Festivals 2009 Information


If you need ONLY submission information, including forms, click on your diocese. Diocese of . . .

· Los Angeles and the West [See document p3]

& Eagle River and the Northwest [See document p3]

· Wichita and Mid-America [See document p4]

· Toledo and the Midwest [See document p5]

· Charleston, Oakland and the Mid-Atlantic [See document p6]

& New York and Washington DC [See document p6]

· Miami and the Southeast [See document p7]

· Worcester and New England [See document p8]

· Ottawa, Eastern Canada and Upstate New York [See document p9]

Hello to Church School Directors, Teachers, and Festival Coordinators:

In 2005, the Fellowship of St. John the Divine agreed to work together with the Department of Christian Education to coordinate the Creative Festivals, since the Church Schools staff works with the children to provide the entries. The Fellowship will continue to provide festival coordinators, displays, and awards. Please note that none of the rules or rubrics have been changed; however, we are studying the feasibility of standardizing rules, rubrics and due dates for the entire Archdiocese. Please note that the Bible Bowl, and the Oratorical Festival are still being coordinated by the Youth Department. [link]

“Submissions,” links you to the names of the festival coordinators. Due to web-related privacy issues, you will not find addresses listed. You can email the coordinator through the website with any questions and to ask for submission information. Check also with your parish priest who should have received complete contact information for submissions. If you have any questions that cannot be answered by your festival coordinators, or chairperson, please contact the Department of Christian Education, at

I would like to recognize my staff, and particularly, Kh. Leslee Abud, Janet Abueita, and Rosemary Shumski for assisting me in the continuing effort to improve the Creative Festivals.

Your servant in Christ,

Carole Buleza for the

Staff and Associates of the Department of Christian Education,

& Members of the Fellowship of St. John the Divine


· If you are new to the Creative Festivals [See document p10]

· Church School Director/Teacher Section [See document p13]

· Administrators Section [See document p17]

· History of the Creative Festivals [See document p18]