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Fr. Nicola Yanney 90th Anniversary Pilgrimage

!cid_X_MA7_1219166262@aol There will be a diocesan-wide pilgrimage to Kearney, Nebraska on the weekend of October 25-25, 2008 in honor of Fr. Nicola Yanney, who was the first priest ordained by St. Raphael of Brooklyn and who was also the first priest to serve in what has become today our Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America.

One important part of the pilgrimage will be a commemorative journal that will be a souvenir of the event. We are asking for your assistance in the creation of this journal.  The Journal will consist of informative pictures and articles about Father Nicola, his family, and his parishes.  In addition, it will also contain one-page entries describing each parish in the diocese. We ask for your participation in forming the entries from each parish.

We are asking that each parish contribute a one page written history of their community. Along with the history, we are also asking for photos of the current parish church building and the current parish clergy. Please send the text and photos: all of the pages will be formatted by the journal staff into a consistent format.

Please download and complete the Parish Information Form here:   and send it in by August 15th, accompanied by your parish history, photo and order fee. 

Thank you!