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Pray for Peace in Georgia

St. Nina In any conflict in this fallen world, it is our first duty to pray for those who are suffering, especially our fellow Orthodox brethren.

In particular need of our prayers at this time are our fellow Christians of the Orthodox Christian Patriarchate of Georgia, led by His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II.

His Grace, Bp. BASIL has sent out this prayer:

PRAYER FOR PEACE IN THE CAUCASUS:  "O Master Who lovest mankind, King of the ages and Bestower of good things, Who hast destroyed enmity and givest peace to the human race: Grant peace even now unto all Thy servants who dwell in the lands of the Caucasus. Establish among our nations love one for another; quell every uprising; and allay all dissent and temptations. Grant unto them, O Lord, health and oneness of mind, protect them from all tribulations, afflictions and sudden death; bring an end to all enmity and malice which ariseth through the activity of the devil. Plant peace, O Lord, through the intercessions of the holy Theotokos, of the holy Apostle Andrew the First-called, of the first hierarchs of Moscow, of the holy Nino, Equal-to-the-Apostles, and of the Great Martyr George the Victorious. For Thou art our Peace, and we send up glory unto Thee—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit—now and ever, and unto ages of ages.  Amen." 

Icon: St. Nino, Equal-to-the-Apostles

SUC50166 In addition to our prayers, the IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities), has been distributing food and hygiene supplies in Georgia's capital of Tbilisi to people displaced by the fighting in Georgia. To date, the IOCC has assisted almost 1,000 people, providing them with rations such as pasta, canned fish, rice and tea. 

“Many of the displaced people we are seeing from South Ossetia are farmers who have never lived without a piece of land to farm or raise cattle so it has been difficult for them to take shelter in Tbilisi,” said IOCC Georgia Program Manager Darejan Dzotsenidze.

The IOCC expects to widen its assistance to other parts of the country as American shipments of food and other items are distributed throughout Tbilisi and the surrounding areas.  The Moscow office of the IOCC is working with the Russian Orthodox Church to provide aid to people who have fled into Russia.

The Orthodox Christian Network's OCN Now interviews Amal Marcos, IOCC's Director of Communications, about ongoing aid efforts in Georgia: listen here.


To help in providing emergency relief, call IOCC's donation hotline toll-free at 1-877-803-4622, make a gift on-line at, or mail a check or money order payable to “IOCC” and write "Conflict in the Caucasus" in the memo line to: IOCC, P.O. Box 630225, Baltimore, Md. 21263-0225.

Below: Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia