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St. Casilda of Toledo, Spain


Commemorated on April 9

St. Casilda was a daughter of a Muslim king of Toledo, Spain. She showed special kindness to Christian prisoners and would carry bread hidden in her clothes to feed them. Once she was stopped by Muslim soldiers and asked to reveal what she was carrying in her skirt. When she began to show them, the bread turned into a bouquet of roses.

While still a young woman, Casilda became ill, but she refused help from the local Muslim doctors. She traveled to northern Iberia to partake of the healing waters of the shrine of San Vicente, near Buezo. She was cured, and was baptized at Burgos (where she was later much venerated).

She lived a life of solitude and penance not far from the miraculous spring. It is said that she lived to be a hundred years old, falling asleep in the Lord in 1050.

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