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Ss. Basilissa and Anastasia of Rome


Commemorated on April 15

The Holy Women Martyrs Basilissa and Anastasia lived in Rome and were converted to Christianity by the holy Apostles Peter and Paul. They devoted themselves to the service of the Lord.

When Emperor Nero persecuted the Christians and gave them over to torture and execution, Ss. Basilissa and Anastasia took the bodies of the holy apostles and gave them a reverent burial. Rumors of this reached Nero, and he ordered that Ss. Basilissa and Anastasia be locked up in the prison. The women were subjected to cruel tortures: were scourged with whips, had their skin scraped with hooks, and were burned with fire. However, the holy martyrs remained unyielding, and bravely confessed their faith in Christ the Savior.

By Nero’s command, they were beheaded with the sword in 68.

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