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Featured Parish: St. Elias Orthodox Church, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

St. Elias, LaCrosse, Wisconsin 

St. Elias Orthodox Church

LaCrosse, Wisconsin


Founded by St. Raphael of Brooklyn in the early 1900’s, St. Elias Orthodox Church in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is a parish renewing, rebuilding, and seeking to grow as vital Orthodox community in the scenic “God’s country” of southwestern Wisconsin.

Originally a parish comprised of immigrants from the Middle East and Greece the community, which went without a resident Priest for decades, was reborn in the 1970’s through the care and devotion of Orthodox Christians who desired to see the Faith reestablished where three rivers meet and over 100,000 people work and live.

While we cherish our heritage and the distinct honor of being founded by a Saint of the Church we believe the best expression of that heritage is to be a living, thriving, and life giving Orthodox Church. To that end we are currently repairing and expanding our facilities and seeking, as well, to grow in our Faith in preparation for inviting our friends and neighbors to experience the joy and life of Orthodoxy.

As the sole Orthodox church in the LaCrosse area our call is to serve the Orthodox faithful of many backgrounds and seek to be a positive witness to our Faith in the community. Our doors, and our hearts, are open to those seeking the Faith and visitors don’t stay strangers for very long. We’re developing our ability to serve those in need through our gifts and recently we’ve committed ourselves to taking a tithe, as a first step, of all our fundraisers and devote it to charitable endeavors in our community and beyond.

Fr. John Chagnon & Kh. JaneWe believe, by God’s grace, that the future for St. Elias is bright and as we continue to work, pray, share, and grow we will fulfill the purpose for which St. Raphael gathered the faithful nearly a century ago.

If you’re in the LaCrosse, Wisconsin area for work or vacation please feel free to visit. Our email is and our www site is