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Members' Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are sent to pastors immediately after the membership information has been processed and they are distributed one Sunday after Liturgy.

I have lost my pin. How do I get a replacement?

The cost of a replacement pin, which is 14K white or yellow gold, is $50. A note addressed to the Administrative Director with your remittance and rank will result in a replacement pin sent to you.

My cross has become detached from the red ribbon. How do I get it repaired?

The office has some jewelry hardware to help with the reattachment of the cross. Contact Administrative Director.

My red ribbon has become worn, dirty, frayed, etc. How do I get a replacement?

Contact Administrative Director for a replacement ribbon.

How do I sign up for the Electronic Funds Program?

Please see the website page for the application or contact Joanne, Administrative director by email, or send a fax a copy to you.

I have some friends in my parish who are interested in becoming members. How do I get further information for them?

Prospective members packets are available from the office upon request. Contact Administrative Director as to the number of packets you need.

I would like to pass out some Order literature in my parish. What is available and how do I get a supply?

St. Ignatius icon cards, color flyers, bookmarks and brochures are all available by contacting the Administrative Director.

My company has a matching gift program. How do I go about getting a matching gift for The Order?

Complete the application from your employer and send a copy to the Administrative Director. If there is any information needed by the employer concerning the non-profit status the office will handle the paperwork. You will be notified when the matching donation has been received.

How do I get a receipt for my annual donation?

Write a note at the bottom of the dues donation reminder that you require an Acknowledgement of Contribution and return it with your annual donation check. If you have already made the donation, contact the Administrative Director. You will be sent the acknowledgement within 5 to 10 business days.