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Upcoming Broadcasts on Come Receive the Light

Upcoming features on Orthodox Christian Network's Come Receive the Light broadcast:

Current Feature: Orthodoxy and Ecumenism
with Fr. John McGuckin.

Fr. John McGuckin, noted scholar and host of an OCN podcast series called "Turning to the Fathers," discusses important points of distinction between Orthodox Christianity and other Christian confessions, including the idea of "sola scriptura," the role of tradition, the communion of the saints and more.

October 17th: Paradise Lost: Smyrna 1922
with Giles Milton.

Giles Milton, an international best-selling author, talks about his newest book, "Paradise Lost: Smyrna 1922." Giles tells the largely unknown story of the destruction of Smyrna, an extraordinary, heterogeneous and tolerant city with a large Orthodox Christian population — a disaster that would prefigure the coming clash of civilizations between East and West.

October 24th: Time Management
with Dr. Albert Rossi.

Dr. Albert Rossi of St. Vladimir's Seminary offers some practical steps to help us set aside more time for family, relationships and meaningful spiritual growth in a busy world.

October 31st: Was Jesus God? A Rational, Philosophical Defense of Christian Faith
with Richard Swinburne

Does Christianity make sense? Can a rational, modern person believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Richard Swinburne, an internationally recognized professor of philosophy from Oxford University, explains why he believes that the main Christian doctrines about the nature of God and his actions in the world are true — and rationally justifiable, even in today's world of science, sophistication and doubt.

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Special programs on OCN's Internet Radio Stations this week: A new "Turning to the Fathers" episode on the spiritual teachings of St. Makarios the Great. "Special Moments in Orthodoxy" will feature an excerpt from Dr. Stephen Muse's speech, "What makes counseling pastoral?", from the 2008 International Conference of Orthodox Psychotherapists. This week on Theologically Thinking, popular author T.L. Frazier will present "A Second Look at the Second Coming". Also watch for new episodes of "Get Wisdom," "Icons In Sound" and more.

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