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Appeal to Health Care Providers

The Hauran Connection

Dear to Christ Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, and Healthcare Providers,

The Hauran Connection is a sister diocese program between the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America (DOWAMA) and the Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran in Syria. The DOWAMA Fellowship of St. John the Divine is collecting funds to support five programs of the Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran: parish support, clergy support, a kindergarten program, a food box program, and a medical program. We believe that physicians, dentists, nurses, and healthcare providers within DOWAMA are capable of funding the medical clinic sponsored by His Eminence, Metropolitan SABA, and his Archdiocese. We seek your help.

What is needed?

v Salaries for two physicians: $4800 per year total

v Medical equipment and supplies

This is an unimaginable blessing to provide healthcare at this price. Christian doctors will provide a healing ministry and witness to a largely non-Christian population. Certainly, the healthcare providers of DOWAMA can support the two physicians each year and more. We seek start-up funding of $10,000 for this first year for our sister diocese’s clinic. Everyone can participate in this important ministry.

How can you help?

We recommend:

v Salary for 1 physician for 6 months = $1200

v Funds for medical equipment = $500

v Salary for 2 physicians for 1 month = $400

v Salary for 1 physician for 1 month = $200

Of course, any donation is appreciated. We seek monetary gifts as Metropolitan SABA reported that it is safer and cheaper to buy equipment and supplies in country. At some later point, we hope to provide medical mission trips to Syria.

The Hauran Connection and support for our sister diocese are an ongoing commitment of DOWAMA and the Fellowship of St. John the Divine. Information about The Hauran Connection is available from your parish priest or visit the website:

Donations may be made out to DOWAMA-Fellowship of St. John the Divine and sent to:

K. James Kallail (DOWAMA Vice-President)
502 Creekside Ct
Derby KS 67037

May God bless you and multiply your gifts to the healing of His people.

In Christ,

clip_image002 clip_image004
Mark Mosley, M.D. K. James Kallail, Ph.D.
Emergency Services, PA
Wichita, KS
KU School of Medicine-Wichita
Associate Chair, Internal Medicine

Click here to download a printable version of this letter in PDF format.