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Please Pray for the Aramouni Family

Click here to read more Please offer prayers and help for the Aramouni family in their present crisis. Their 16-year-old son Andrew recently suffered severe brain damage in an accident, and the family is in great financial need.

Donations of any size would be greatly appreciated.


Update from fr. Andrew Harmon (Dec. 6th, 2008):

Andrew continues to improve, thanks to everyone’s prayers.  He is now home and is 100% physically recovered.  He will have to be readmitted to the hospital in January for a follow-up surgery to insert a steel plate in his head.  He is continuing to go back to the hospital very frequently for speech therapy.  The doctors have said full speech recovery may be as long as 6 months to two years, but we hope it will be quicker as there is good progress.  He is now beginning to use some simple sentences and it seems to be continually improving.

The doctors have recently told Andrew’s parents, Roger and Lisa, that no one thought Andrew would survive and that it is nothing short of a miracle.  Thanks be to God for his miraculous healing power.  Please keep praying for a full and quick recovery of his speech.  And it looks like Andrew won’t be able to play in the Diocese basketball tournament in Canton this winter, but he plans being back on the St. Matthew team in 2010---he’s eager for another trophy!

----Father Andrew Harmon

Update from Bishop MARK (Nov. 19th, 2008):

Dear to God,

Christ is in our midst!  This past Saturday, I was blessed to visit with Andrew Aramouni and his family.  Thanks to your prayers Andrew continues to recover from his severe head trauma.  In fact he was allowed to come home overnight on Saturday and visited him in his home.  As he sat beaming from ear to ear, with a helmet on his head he struggled to find words to express his gratitude to God and our faithful.

Andrew will need another surgery sometime in January to insert a steel plate (approximately 3” x 4”) on the left side.  At present he has the ability to express some emotional thoughts, i.e., “thank God,” or “awesome”, but he cannot speak in sentences yet!  By the grace of God, your prayers, gifted surgeons and therapists his prognosis looks good.

Through your generosity the Aramouni’s have been able to keep up with their mortgage and utility payments and even buy some groceries.  It remains to be seen how much the hospital will write off as they have no health insurance.  Mr. Aramouni is looking for work (he previously worked in Mortgage lending as well as in Construction) and he and his wife are most appreciative of your continuing generosity as they continue to care for their two sons and daughter through this tragedy.

Thank you again for your on-going prayers.  If you are able please remember them with some assistance as you are able.

Update from Fr. Andrew Harmon (Nov. 8th, 2008):

Dear to God,

There has been improvement in Andrew Aramouni’s condition. He is now doing some walking, albeit with difficulty. He is still having a slow time getting his speech back. He does speak with a very limited vocabulary, not yet enough to really carry on a conversation. Of course, he is in speech therapy. He is still at Metro Hospital, in the Brain Trauma rehab unit. . His speech is still very limited but he is making good use of it. The last two times I gave him Holy Communion, his response (first time) was “Awesome” and the second time, “That’s the best!"

We have received in, through the generosity of both our own parishioners and parishes around the diocese, about $10,000. We have helped the family with current expenses (current utilities, mortgage payment, food) and now are going to use the majority of the remaining money for whatever medical expenses there end up being. We still don’t know how generous the hospital will be (we’re hoping very generous!) We do assume there are going to be plenty of medical expenses no matter what-----medications, continuing rehab, etc.

Thank you for your prayers!

---Father Andrew