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Featured Mission: Holy Incarnation + Lincoln Park, Michigan

Holy Incarnation is a Western Rite mission serving metropolitan Detroit, Michigan under the leadership of Fr. John Fenton. Prior to the spring of 2008, Holy Incarnation had been leasing space from a local Episcopal church, but in February the mission concluded the purchase of a building to serve as its permanent home.

The new church building is an important step in the re-establishment of a Western Rite Orthodox parish in metropolitan Detroit. From 1975-2001, Incarnation Orthodox Church in Detroit served the liturgical needs of Western Rite Orthodox Christians in and around Detroit, and was the cornerstone of the Western Orthodoxy in the Midwest. Fr Fenton explained that Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church builds on the legacy of the former Incarnation parish. “We are the beneficiaries of years of sacrificial giving,” said Fr. Fenton, “because the funds held in trust after the closing of Incarnation have helped finance the new facility for Holy Incarnation.” Fr. Fenton stated the new building will further the permanent re-establishment of a Western Rite presence in Detroit.

The New Building With the blessing of His Grace Bishop MARK, construction of the new Sanctuary has recently begun. The new altar area will include a marble-top altar, devotional niches with icons, a permanent communion rail and an area for hearing Private Confession. “This project is designed to improve and enhance the meditative atmosphere of our liturgical space,” said Fr. Fenton. In addition to the marble-top altar, solid red oak will be used for of the sanctuary and a new slate floor will be laid.

Fr. John Fenton Fr. John Fenton came to Orthodoxy after 16 years of service as a Lutheran minister. He also teaches at St. Frances Cabrini Catholic High School in Allen Park, Michigan. He and his wife Julie have been married for 25 years and they have six children ranging in age from 2 to 21 years old.

For more information on the mission, please visit Holy Incarnation's web site.