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St. Musa of Rome

St. Musa of RomeCommemorated on May 16

St. Musa lived during the fifth century and was distinguished for her pure life. St. Gregory Dialogus included her story in his DIALOGUES, saying that he had been given the information by Musa’s brother, Probus.

The Most Holy Theotokos once appeared to Musa in a dream, surrounded by girls who were dressed in white. She asked her, “Do you wish to live together with these maidens in my court?” “Yes, I do,” the girl replied.

The Holy Mother then said, “Do not do anything silly, as little girls often do. Avoid frivolity and joking. In thirty days I shall come for you and you will be with us.”

From that moment, Musa’s character was changed. She began to pray and live a strict life. In answer to the questions of her astonished parents, St. Musa told them about the vision.

On the twenty-fifth day, the maiden developed a fever, and on the thirtieth day she again saw the Mother of God coming to her with the same girls as before. The blessed child died with the words, “I am coming, I am coming to you, my Lady!”

St. Musa departed this earthly life and was gathered into the heavenly Kingdom, where she glorifies the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit unto ages of ages.

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