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2008 Patriarchal Nativity Encyclical

Dear to God:

Christmas is the great event that reconciles Heaven and Earth.

In this event God has joined us, and has become the catalyst that unifies, and that eliminates all polarities between God and the world, God and man.

The Birth of Christ represents the living example that God has claimed His creation fully. This is so because man is the symbol of creation, and God’s progenitor on earth. Man has thus regained the image that was intended for him, and has restored creation to the Divine purpose for which it was intended.

Is it too much for us to hope for a modicum of justice and to thus restrain the immoral aggressor, and to help instead the homeless refugee to return to his family and his home?

Is it too much for us to expect the world to look at us as ends in ourselves, not as means in the hands of powers that recognize nothing short of force and violence?  Is it too much for us, people of the East, the people of love and brotherhood, to have our voice heard throughout the world?

We pray the Lord of Heaven and Earth that He may infuse His Spirit in our world, that we may be sanctified by it.

We ask the Child in the Manger to confer His grace upon you, and render your Holidays occasions of continuing joy and success. May the Lord protect you and give you everlasting peace.

+ I G N A T I U S   IV
Patriarch of Antioch and All the East

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