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Sacred Gift of Life Sunday + January 18, 2009

Sacred Gift of Life SundaySeveral years after the momentous Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade overturned the laws of all fifty states and essentially legalized abortion on demand throughout the U.S., churches everywhere began observing Sacred Gift of Life Sunday. This event, which always precedes the anniversary of this misguided decision, is a call for Christians everywhere to prayers and activism on behalf of women and their unborn children.

In the Antiochian Archdiocese, our teens are leading the way in asking our parishes to observe Sacred Gift of Life Sunday. With the blessing of Metropolitan Philip, Teen SOYO has mailed a packet of resource materials to every parish in the archdiocese to help the faithful memorialize the 43 million lives lost to abortion in the last 35 years.

In the article Where Do You Stand? in the January 2009 issue of The Word, Fr. Anthony Yazge, spiritual director to Teen SOYO, writes, “our teens recognize that the issue we face with unwanted pregnancy is symptomatic of a greater problem—the lack of purity, chastity, and holiness in our society.”

For more information, please visit the Marriage and Parish Family Ministries and Teen SOYO web sites.