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Icon of the Mother of God of White Lake

Icon of the Mother of God of White LakeCommemorated on June 8

This holy icon belonged to St. Cyril of White Lake, and he kept it in his cell.

St. Cyril lived at the Simonov Monastery, but his soul yearned for solitude. He asked the Mother of God to show him a place where he could seek salvation. One night while he was reading an Akathist in his cell before the Hodigitria Icon of the Mother of God, and when he had just reached the eighth Kontakion which states, “Seeing the strange Nativity, let us become strangers to the world and transport our minds to heaven,” he heard a voice say, “Go to White Lake where I have prepared a place for you.”

He left the Simonov Monastery and found the place which he had seen in the vision at the sparsely populated White Lake. St. Cyril and his companion, St. Therapon, set up a cross and dug a cell in the ground near the lake.

The White Lake Icon is also commemorated on July 28.

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