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St. Agrippina, Martyr, of Rome

Commemorated on June 23

St. Agrippina was Roman by birth. She did not wish to enter into a pagan marriage, and totally dedicated her life to God.

During the time of the persecutions against Christians under Emperor Valerian in the third century, St. Agrippina went before the court and bravely confessed her faith in Christ, for which she was given over to torture. She was beaten with sticks so severely that her bones broke. Afterwards, she was placed in chains, but an angel freed her from her bonds.

Agrippina ultimately died from the tortures she endured. Christians secretly came and took her body and transported it to Sicily, where many miracles were worked at her grave.

In the eleventh century, the relics of the holy Martyr Agrippina were transferred to Constantinople.

Troparion (Tone 4) –

Your lamb Agrippina calls out to You, O Jesus, in a loud voice:
“I love You, my Bridegroom, and in seeking You I endure suffering.
In baptism I was crucified so that I might reign in You,
and I died so that I might live with You.
Accept me as a pure sacrifice,
for I have offered myself in love.”
Through her prayers save our souls, since You are merciful.

Kontakion (Tone 4) –

“Today You have shown forth...”
The day has come on which the Church commemorates your radiant contest and martyrdom.
She calls upon all to cry to you with gladness:
“Rejoice, all-honored virgin-martyr Agrippina.”

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