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St. Lollia, Martyr, along with Ss. Gaius, Eustochius, Probius & Urban

Commemorated on June 23

The Holy Martyr Lollia, along with Sts. Gaius, Eustochius, Probius, and Urban, suffered for Christ during the time of the persecutions under Emperor Maximian in the third century.

St. Eustochius was a pagan priest, but seeing the unyielding courage of the Christian martyrs, and the miracles worked by them, he converted to Christ. He went to Bishop Eudoxius of Antioch, was baptized by him, and was ordained to the priesthood.

St. Eustochius returned to Lystra and converted his nephew, Gaius, and all his household, among whom included Probius, Lollia and Urban. The emperor’s soldiers arrested St. Eustochius and took him to be tried, but tortures could not turn him from the One True Faith.

St. Eustochius, as well as Sts. Lollia, Probius, Gaius and Urban, were then sent to Governor Agrippinus in the Galatian city of Ancyra. All of them underwent fierce tortures, but the martyrs would not deny Christ and so were beheaded.

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