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St. Everilda of Everingham

Commemorated on July 9

St. Everilda (also spelled Everildis, Everild, Averil) of Everingham was a Saxon saint in the seventh century who was born into the Wessex nobility

In 635, she was converted to Christianity by St. Birinus, along with King Cynegils of Wessex. While still a young girl, she fled from home to become a nun, and was joined by Sts. Bega and Wuldreda.

St. Wilfrid of York made them all nuns at a place called the Bishop’s Farm, later known as Everildisham. This place has been identified with present-day Everingham.

St. Everilda eventually became abbess of a monastery where she gathered some eighty women.

She fell peacefully asleep in the Lord in 700.

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