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Instructions for Certificates

TO: Pastor and Parish Secretary
FROM: Registrar
RE: Certificates

With the constant, strong growth of our great Archdiocese, the number of certificates that need to be produced on a weekly basis has steadily increased. It has become necessary to ask your help in expediting this process so the office can complete all certificates in a timely manner.

NOTE: All new Certificates are $10.00 each, reissues are $15.00. There is no charge for Funeral records. All money collected is donated to the Missionary Fund.

Additionally, please note the following guidelines:

  • All Records must be typed - It is sometimes difficult to read the records. If they cannot be read, they will be returned. Also, if certificates have to be reissued because of an error due to handwriting or misspelling, the $15.00 reissue fee will be applied. Please contact the Registrar for forms you can type on the Computer.
  • Use correct record for the certificate requested. Do not alter Baptism records for Chrismation. E-mail or call the bookstore to order new books.
  • Do not have parishioners complete the record and send it in, as many times they give the wrong information or omit information; also, they are difficult to read. The Pastor or church Secretary should complete and type the record.
  • Include the mother’s full maiden name on the Baptism records, as it is a legal document and is required. Also, the Bride’s Maiden Name must be on the Marriage records, as this is also a legal document. If the mother’s maiden and married names are the same, please indicate such so to avoid further delays.
  • Type the person’s full first and last name on all certificates. If the person on the Baptism or Chrismation certificate is an adult, please indicate and give the person’s home address, not the parent’s.
  • Include all information before sending records. Be sure to include the city, state or country, and postal code.
  • Have the pastor’s name typed under the signature line. All certificates must have the Pastor’s signature.
  • Type name, address and zip code on Funeral records so a prayer card can be sent to the family. Also, include the surviving spouse’s first name. It would be helpful to have the former address of the deceased.
  • Return the Certificate to the attention of the Registrar with any corrections. If the Certificate is over one year old from date of issue there will be a reissue fee of $15.00.
  • Please send records to the Archdiocese in a timely manner. As previously stated, we send prayer cards for funeral records which we would like to send out as close to the date of the Funeral as possible.
  • Send all certificate requests to the attention of the Registrar.

Thank you for your help and cooperation on this matter. Best regards.

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