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Icon of the Mother of God of Chirsk-Pskov

Commemorated on July 16

The Chirsk-Pskov Icon of the Mother of God was initially in the Chirsk village church of the Pskov diocese in Russia. On July 16, 1420, during the reign of Great Prince Basil Dimitrievich, Archbishop Simeon of Novgorod and Pskov and Prince Theodore Alexandrovich came to Pskov.

During a time of deadly diseases, tears flowed from the eyes of the Chirsk Icon of the Mother of God. This miracle was reported to authorities in the city of Pskov. Priests and devout men carried the wonderworking icon to Pskov. A church procession was formed to meet the icon, which was placed in the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

On the reverse of the icon are depicted the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke and St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves.

By permission of the Orthodox Church in America (