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St. Melitsa of Serbia

Commemorated on July 19 (also on November 11)

St. Melitsa of Serbia, Mother of Blessed Stephen, King of Serbia, and widow of the righteous king, St. Lazar, lived in the 13th century.

Possessing what is unquestionably one of the most beautiful church buildings in existence, Ljzboatina Convent, with its elegant and refined beauty, is an outstanding manifestation of the final flowering of medieval Serbian Orthodox culture. It was built under the patronage of Princess Militsa. The Princess herself entered the convent as a nun after her husband’s death.

After her repose, she was revealed as a saint and wonderworker, and from her relics flowed fragrant myrrh. The whole atmosphere of the convent is still permeated with this fragrance, along with many centuries of prayer, monastic life and spiritual vision.

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