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St. Reineldis, Virgin Martyr, With Her Companions

Commemorated on July 16

St. Reineldis was born in the seventh century to Count Witger and St. Arnalberga of Belgium. She was the sister of Ss. Gudula and Emebert.

She tried unsuccessfully to join her parents at Lobbes Abbey in France after they decided to enter the religious life.

After a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, she returned home and devoted herself to a life of charitable work as a nun of Saintes near Hal in Hainault.

She was put to death with Grimoald, a deacon, and Gundulf, her servant, by Hun invaders in Antwerp, Belgium.

In art, St. Reineldis is shown being dragged by her hair. She is also portrayed being killed by the Huns together with two priests.

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