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2009 Paschal Letter from Bishop BASIL


Beloved and Christ-loving Clergy, Monastics and Laity of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-

I embrace and greet you with a holy kiss in the Name of the Resurrected
Theanthropos Jesus Christ, and, together with you and Orthodox Christians throughout
the world, I joyfully proclaim that Christ is risen! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! ! ألمسيح قام Христос
Воскресе! Hristos a înviat! Cristo ha resucitado!

On this radiant Feast of feasts I share with you, my dearly beloved spiritual children,
the following soul-profiting words excerpted from a Paschal homily of our father among
the saints Gregory the Theologian (330-390):

This is the Day of Resurrection! Let us all be united in heart, and let us give glory to God on this
solemn festival. Let us address as brothers even those who hate us, as also those who love us, and have
helped us, and have suffered anything on our behalf. Let us forgive all things in the Resurrection ...
Yesterday I was crucified with Christ; today I am glorified with Him. Yesterday I died with Him;
today I am given life with Him. Yesterday I was buried with Him; today I rise again with Him.
Today let us offer unto Him, Who has suffered and Who has risen for us, ourselves, which to God is
the most precious and becoming of gifts.

Wishing you and your families a glorious Paschal season perfumed with the sweet
fragrance of good works and holiness, looking forward to being with you all at our
Diocesan Family Reunion in Wichita this June 10th - 13th, and assuring you of my
continued love, prayers and blessings, I remain

Your Father in the Risen Christ,

+ Bishop Basil