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Ss. Romula, Redempta & Herundo

Commemorated on July 23

St. Romula was a maiden who lived with her companion, St. Redempta, as a hermitess near the Church of St. Mary Major in Rome. St. Redempta had earlier been trained as a nun by St. Herundo in Palestine.

These three women formed a small community in Rome, and St. Gregory the Great, who knew them personally, wrote of their perfect humility and obedience. It was also said that they opened their mouths only in prayer.

St. Romula was paralyzed in the later years of her life, but she turned her infirmity into an advantage, saying that it helped her to concentrate on her prayer life.

In 580, Romula cried out in the middle of the night. The other two women ran to her room, finding it filled with a wonderful, bright light. They were frightened, but were reassured by Romula who said, “Do not fear; I shall not die yet.” Three nights later, Romula cried out again, and when Sts. Redempta and Herundo entered the room, the sounds of a heavenly choir surrounded them. When they looked at Romula, they realized that she had offered her soul to the Lord, and the singing from the choir gradually became fainter, as if the singers were moving away.

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