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St. Glodesind of France

Commemorated on July 25

St. Glodesind was born in France in the sixth century and was the daughter of Winter and Godila.

Upon coming of age, she married a young nobleman named Obeleno, but they had no sooner taken their wedding vows than the king ordered Obeleno’s execution by the sword.

Although her father wished her to marry again, Glodesind refused. Her father took her to see his sister, Rotelinda, a holy woman at Treves, so that she might persuade Glodesind to listen to his command.

However, Glodesind fled to Metz and hid in the Church of St. Stephen. Eventually, she returned to her Aunt Rotelinda, who instructed her in the monastic life.

Later, Glodesind built a convent at Metz, where she became abbess.

She peacefully fell asleep in the Lord in 608.

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