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Register Now for Connect 2009 Exchange Program

What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is an academic and cultural exchange program which introduces youth of the world to the environment, culture and heritage of Lebanon, Syria, and the Middle East.

CONNECT aims at offering youth (17 to 25 years of age) a unique learning experience that will enrich their mind and soul, and connect them with their land of ancestry and rich heritage.

The four-week cultural exchange program includes:

  • Academic Programs and Interactive Tutorials
  • Seminars, Workshops and Discussions
  • Trips in Lebanon and Syria (optional)
  • Antiochian Heritage: Orthodox Belief; Liturgy; Architecture
  • Cultural Activities
  • Involvement in Community-based Projects
  • Sports and Outdoor Activities, including a beach resort on the Mediterranean Sea


The Program is based at the main campus of the University of Balamand in North Lebanon. Field activities expose students to different parts of Lebanon and include educational and cultural excursions to Syria (optional).

Academic Credit

The University has determined that the academic exposure and experience provided by the Program is equivalent to three undergraduate academic credit hours.

Registration and Fees

Details and application forms can be found on or by emailing