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Scholarship Offer for Aspiring Presbyter

Bishop BASIL writes:

Mr. George P. Lambros, a member of St. George Cathedral/Wichita, KS, is offering a scholarship in the amount of $10,000.00 to one young man who wishes to enter the Orthodox priesthood and who fulfills the requirements which are listed below.  Mr. Lambros writes that the scholarship is being offered "in memory of the late Right Reverend Mitred Archpriest Michael G. H. Gelsinger (who in his later years was tonsured as Schemamonk Theodore), and in gratitude to Their Eminences Metropolitan ANTONY (Bashir) of New York, Metropolitan SAMUEL (David) of Toledo, and Metropolitan EPIPHANIOS (Zayed) of Akkar for the blessings which I have received at their hands." According to Mr. Lambros, the scholarship funds can be used for education in any Orthodox seminary in the United States.

There is no means test, but a candidate must provide:

  1. A letter stating his intention to petition for ordination upon his graduation;
  2. A letter of referral from the bishop of his diocese;
  3. A letter of acceptance to any Orthodox seminary in the United States; and, most importantly,
  4. An essay written by himself on the subject, “The Exclusivity of the Orthodox Religion.” 

The recipient will be chosen whose essay best demonstrates his religious integrity and his devotion to Orthodoxy.  The scholarship funds may be used for any expenses incurred and necessary to the attendance at the seminary and will be disbursed from Mr. Lambros' office upon presentation of the proper invoices. Applications should be submitted to the following address at least one month before the beginning of the 2009 Fall semester: 

George P. Lambros
PO Box 728
Wichita, KS 67201