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Dr. Bradley Nassif Prepares to visit Romania

Dr. Bradley Nassif has been invited by the Romanian Orthodox Church visit the country this May to speak to theology students at the University of Cluj.  Dr. Nassif will address the urgent need in the Orthodox world today for an aggressive internal mission of renewal or conversion of our people to faith in Jesus Christ.  His topic will be "The Paschal Mystery in the Life of the Church."  Dr. Nassif will also be conducting a book launch of his chapter "The Evangelical Theology of the Eastern Orthodox Church" in Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism,  which was recently translated from English to Romanian.  For that event, he will speak about the need for Orthodox-Evangelical dialogue in Romania and the need for unity in confronting the moral decay of contemporary society.   Finally, Dr. Nassif will blog a live question and answer session with evangelicals who want to know more about Orthodox-Evangelical relations in Romania on a leading web site for Romanian evangelicals.