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St. Lucilla, along with St. Nemesius, at Rome

Commemorated on August 25

St. Lucilla was the daughter of Nemesius, a deacon. 

Lucilla was blind from her birth, and was taken by her father to be cured and baptized by St. Stephen, the Bishop of Rome.  Many others were converted and baptized on account of the miracle.

Learning of this deed, Emperor Valerian ordered Nemesius to be imprisoned and Lucilla to be given to a wicked woman, named Maxima.  However, after a few days, Nemesius and Lucilla were taken without trial to the temple of Mars in the Via Appia in Rome, and there Lucilla's throat was cut, before her father's eyes.

Nemesius rejoiced to see her go before him to the martyr's glory. He was beheaded between the Via Latina and Via Appia.

They both entered into the Heavenly Kingdom in 260.

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