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Antiochian Women Releases CD Collection of Orthodox Saints


Over 500 women saints, with icons & troparia & kontakia for each

Major feast days devoted to Our Most Holy Theotokos & Ever-Virgin Mary

Miracle-working icons to the Theotokos

Compiled & Edited by Dianne O’Regan, 2007-2009 NAB Religious Coordinator

Download order form: PDF format - Microsoft Word format

For two thousand years, the Orthodox Christian Church has been blessed with a plethora of materials on women who have been called by God to a life of holiness. Now, for the first time, the Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America has compiled this information into one, easily accessible resource – Holy Women of the Orthodox Christian Church. Each copy is priced at $5.00 to cover reproduction and postage costs.

Based on the Antiochian Women's online collection of female saints (accessible here), this CD-ROM finds each day on the calendar devoted to the life of a woman – along with her icon, and, in some instances, her troparion and kontakion. Also contained on this CD-ROM are feasts and miracle working icons devoted to our Most Holy Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary.

It is hoped that this CD-ROM may be used on a daily basis by the faithful, as well as providing source materials to church school teachers, lecturers, and others who seek to learn more about the Orthodox Faith.

This CD-ROM is being published on the occasion of the 35th year of the founding of the Antiochian Women, as well as in honor of His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP’s 50th anniversary to the Priesthood. It is also dedicated to all those Antiochian Women who have fallen asleep in Our Lord. May their memories be eternal!

For more information, please contact NAB Religious Coordinator Dianne O’Regan at