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Orthodox Christian Network Announces Podcast Partnership with FOCUS North America

The theme of the upcoming 2009 Archdiocese Convention is charity: "Be mindful, O Lord, of those who bear fruit and do good works in thy holy Churches, and who remember the poor." In that spirit, will begin publishing additional content on the charitable work being done across the Antiochian Archdiocese and the ministries we support, including those of SCOBA (Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas), like OCN.

The Orthodox Christian Network is excited to announce another addition to its already dynamic and ever evolving list of Radio on Demand Programming (Podcast), The FOCUS North America Podcast.

The Focus North America Podcast will feature engaging commentary and timely updates on Orthodox Christian social action volunteers, agencies and ministries of the Orthodox Church reaching out to the poor and needy here at home.

Rev. Dr. Christopher Metropulos, the Executive Director of the OCN, an agency of SCOBA, said, “Serving the poor and needy in North America should be a priority for every Orthodox Christian. We are proud to partner with FOCUS North America and to support their dynamic and growing ministry on behalf of the whole Church.”

“We are excited to have this opportunity to partner with OCN and the great work they are doing in sharing the Orthodox faith.  Every dollar given to FOCUS North America and every podcast listened to and shared with a friend helps to provide vital Food, Occupations, Clothing, Understanding and Shelter for the truly needy in North America,” said FOCUS’ Executive Director, Fr. Justin Mathews.  Fr. Mathews continued, “The podcast will feature how FOCUS North America is uniting the faithful in serving our neighbors in need as the Lord commanded us to do in Matthew 25.”

The new podcast titled “FOCUS North America" will be available on OCN’s newly enhanced and upgraded web site   Hosting the podcast each episode will be Fr. Justin Mathews, with co-host Jacob Lee, the host of the popular “Generation Orthodox” and “Journeys to Orthodoxy” podcasts, along with special guest Nick Kasemeotes and many others.

FOCUS North America is committed to serving those in need in North America by providing aid through its programs and partners, supporting existing Orthodox agencies, ministries and professionals, and supplying parishes with what they need in order to initiate new social action ministries in their own communities.

To learn more about FOCUS North America and to watch a video highlighting the work of FOCUS North America visit:

The *Orthodox Christian Network* is one of the official agencies of SCOBA, commissioned by our hierarchs to create a national, sustainable and effective media witness for Orthodox Christianity throughout North America.  OCN produces the only nationally syndicated Orthodox Christian radio broadcast, as well as several other outreach programs, including DVDs and Internet-based media, in direct collaboration with sister SCOBA agencies (e.g. IOCC, OCMC, OCF, OCPM), as well as with various Orthodox Christian jurisdictions and pan-Orthodox, para-church organizations. Our goal is to engage the broader culture of North America with Orthodox Christianity's rich theological, spiritual and moral heritage, and to thereby strengthen the Orthodox Church's witness and contribution to the culture in which we live.