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Soliciting Convention Photographs for will have two people attending the Archdiocese Convention. Along with meetings, presentations and posting updates from the convention, we'll also be taking as many good digital photos for posting on this web section as we can. But since we won't be in attendance for the entire gathering, and can't be everywhere at once, we're eager to consider using any images other convention attendees may be able to submit to us. (There will also be a professional photograph chronicling the convention.)

For now, we're primarily interested in receiving images during the convention itself, so that we can include them in our daily reporting. So this is limited to attendees who are bringing both digital cameras and laptops, or have access to some other means (like their own Flicker or Picassa accounts) from which we could pull images. If you are not able to send us images until after the convention concludes, we may still be able to use them for a post-convention "Best Of" photo gallery.

As we put it on our SiteFAQ page:

Images are one of the most compelling features of any website. Please send images, but use your best judgment and be selective. If a picture seems mediocre to you, it will probably not boost the appearance of our website in general, or your content in particular. It is better to send one or two of the best pictures from an event, for example, rather than twenty that we will need to review. Please be aware that we may choose to crop or otherwise edit submitted images for web presentation. Submissions should be in JPEG format, and are best sent as e-mail attachments (to rather than pasted into the body of emails. Please also remember to include captions for all.