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The Apostles Feet Ministry

The Apostles’ Feet is a ministry of St. Stephen Antiochian Orthodox Church in Campbell, California.

The South San Francisco Bay area of California, where our parish is located, is an affluent region. We began to be concerned about how easy it is to overlook the thousands of homeless and poor among us. Many of the impoverished in our area are working persons or families who live just one unexpected bill away from homelessness. Others are disabled persons whose limited Social Security benefits also leave them at risk. In the current economic climate, this is more true than it’s ever been.

In response, we came up with the Apostles’ Feet concept. We have designed a system to help needy people in our community by providing them with an ongoing income subsidy which can be tied to work. For every hour a subsidy recipient works, he or she will receive an additional dollar amount in the form of a check made out to his or her landlord. Then, as the recipient receives raises from his or her employer, the amount of the subsidy is decreased until unnecessary. A recipient who is disabled and unable to work will receive a fixed monthly subsidy ($250) in the form of a check made out to his or her landlord. Candidates are considered according to the nature of their needs and the funds available. The length of enrollment in the subsidy is determined by the recipient’s specific needs.

We have developed friendships with the people that we’ve been blessed to help, and some of them have chosen us as their parish home. Regardless of whether these recipients end up worshipping with us or not, we believe this answers the call of St. John, when he said: “But if any one has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”

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