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The Treehouse

The Treehouse is a charitable ministry designed to assist women who have chosen to carry their babies to term and give birth under difficult circumstances. Sponsored by Orthodox Christian Ministries, Inc., an organization founded by the Orthodox Christian community of Wichita, Kansas, The Treehouse has been developed in consultation with local agencies working with women in crisis pregnancies.

It is difficult for many mothers to experience the blessings of a new birth because of poverty, personal problems, and troubled relationships. Often, a pregnant woman in such difficult circumstances is told that the best way to cope with her problems is to terminate her pregnancy. The work of The Treehouse testifies to the belief that every new human life is a miracle to be celebrated. We seek to bless mothers and their new babies by assisting them with their most basic human needs. We offer assistance in the following areas:

Eligible mothers will receive a one-time free distribution of basic infant necessities and assistance up to five times a year with diapers or formula.

Our thrift store offers basic supplies for infants and todders, gently used (or new) clothing in sizes birth to 4T, and maternity clothes.

With the goal of better and more fulfilling lives for our moms and babies, we offer educational programs and resources including nutrition and parenting classes.

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