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St. Brigid Fellowship

St. Athanasius Orthodox Church in Isla Vista, CA runs St. Brigid Fellowship, an outreach ministry to the homeless men and women who live in our town, about 80 at any one time. Some sleep on the streets or in bushes while others live in cars, vans, garages or other sub-standard housing situations.

St. Brigid Fellowship’s three part-time staff and many volunteers work together to solve homelessness one person at a time. We meet people on the streets as Jesus did, addressing immediate needs and starting relationships that can lead out of homelessness. The friendships we make help us to understand their goals, and help them attain them. Each visitor to St. Brigid's is known by name, has a place to belong, friends, acceptance, food, clothing and help getting out of any situations they wish to leave. This is not a one-way ministry, us to them. We all work together to solve our own problems and the problems of others and the community.

Our office is open five mornings a week. We provide breakfast, use of our mailing address, telephone and message service, Internet, hygiene supplies, first aid supplies, warm clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, rain gear and other survival supplies. We have a weekly outreach meal on Monday nights, which our parishioners help cook and serve.

For more information, please contact Jill Wallerstedt, Coordinator, at (805)968-8028 or at:

St. Brigid Fellowship is a partner agent of FOCUS North America.