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A Report from the Antiochian Women Annual Meeting

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America held their annual meeting at the 49th Archdiocese Convention in Palm Desert, California, on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. The meeting was well attended by the Diocesan Presidents, their Spiritual Advisors, and their delegates, along with the Officers and Coordinators of the North American Board of the Antiochian Women. The meeting was presided over by NAB President, Cindy Nimey. The Antiochian Women’s Hierarchical Overseer, Bishop JOSEPH, was also present. The meeting opened with a message from Bishop JOSEPH which revolved around the work of the Antiochian Women and that they must always stay the course of service and spirituality. The Antiochian Women not only worked through their business agenda, but networked and shared their successes at the Diocesan and Local levels.

Click here to listen to audio from the assembly on Ancient Faith Radio.

At midday, the traditional Antiochian Women’s Luncheon was held at the J.W. Marriott. It was attended by 150 people, including Hierarchs, Clergy, and women. With many thanks to Charmaine Darmour and her committee, the luncheon was a great success. During the luncheon, the women were able to hear from Myriam Shwayri who spoke to those present about Al-Kafaat Foundation of Lebanon which will be gifted the Project funds raised by the Antiochian Women for the Project 2009: Children with Special Needs. President Cindy Nimey presented Metropolitan PHILIP with a check in the amount of $112,826.00 for the project on behalf of the Antiochian Women. At this time Metropolitan PHILIP addressed the attendees with a wonderful message of love and appreciation.

The Antiochian Women also elected the NAB Officers for the 2009-2011 term. The Officers are as follows: Cindy Nimey, President; Violet Robbat, Vice President; Dianne O’Regan, Recording Secretary; Sherry Abraham Morrow, Treasurer; and, Roberta Royhab, Public Relations. The Antiochian Women look forward to the next fruitful two years through which to serve Christ, through serving others. They also look forward to working on their next project, as placed before them by His Eminence, Metropolitan PHILIP. The new project is the St. Thekla Monastery at the Antiochian Village.