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Featured Parish: St. James + Loveland, OH

St. James Church in Loveland, Ohio is composed of several Arabic nationalities. The majority of its congregation are Jordanians. Prior to 1993 the Arabic Christian Orthodox community in Greater Cincinnati attended services at different churches in the area. Following the urge to found their own church, the community sought the aid of the Antiochian Archdiocese. In turn the Archdiocese provided Fr. George Shaheen as a temporary priest. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the parishioners, the former Branch Hill elementary school was bought in 1995. The school's gym was converted to house the new church and Father Shaheen performed the dedication service in the presence of the parishioners and the media.

Since 1995 the following priests served St. James Church: Fr. Paul Khayyat, Fr. Husni Malatious, Fr. George Sayaf, and Fr. Amin Houli. During the past 15 years, the St. James' property has experienced several renovations and upgrades, the most recent of which was the new Church hall and paved parking lot. A new iconostasis and a new tile floor were also recently constructed.

St. James’ latest accomplishment was hosting the 2009 Midwest Parish Life Conference under the direction of The Very Reverend Fr. Amin Houli.